railing ideas for your front porch

Front Porch Railing Ideas For Curb Appeal

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To railing or not to railing, that is the question. I’m going to guess that if you are looking for front porch railing ideas, then you have decided that you do want to enclose your porch to some extent.

Once you have decided to add a porch railing or to replace an existing one that has seen better days, it’s time to choose the porch railing that fits your home’s style.

There are tons of different options out there so take a look at the list below and pick which one suits you.


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In my neighbourhood, more and more people are taking down their porch railings and leaving them open. I like that look but I find a railing is good for a few reasons:

Why I like a Front Porch Railing

It encloses the space and makes it an extra room in the house

Cushions and decor won’t blow away in a storm

It’s safer for leaving bikes, deliveries and personal items

It offers more options for decorating for the holidays 

It frames the house and finishes the decor

If your porch is high off the ground, having no railing may be a safety issue

Front Porch Railing Ideas

Some of the porch railing ideas below will be easy to get at stores such as Home Depot and then build yourself. Others are more intricate and will require a professional carpenter or contractor.

White Picket Fence

craftsman porch

Modern Glass

front porch railing ideas

Fancy Woodwork

intricate wood porch railing


No Railing

porch railing ideas

Wrought Iron Railing

wrought iron porch railing

Horizontal wood railing

horizontal porch railing ideas

Criss-cross railing

front porch railing ideas

Natural Wood

natural wood porch railing

Enclosed Railing

enclosed porch railing

Cut Out Wooden Posts

wooden porch railing

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